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The sought-after figure will be responsible for coordinating and supervising the design and development activities within the organization

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Main activities

  • He deals with project coordination by supervising the design and development process;
  • It is responsible for assigning human and financial resources to projects, ensuring that the necessary means are available to complete the work efficiently and in accordance with specifications;
  • Ensures that all projects comply with local and international regulations;
  • May be involved in managing permits and approvals needed for projects;
  • Works closely with other departments such as operations, finance and administration to ensure effective communication and synchronization between the various project phases;
  • Contributes to the development and implementation of design and quality standards;
  • Ensures that all phases of the project life cycle comply with these standards;
  • Supervises and manages technical office staff, including engineers, designers and technicians;
  • Identifies and manages risks associated with projects, trying to prevent them and mitigate impacts on the environment;
  • He is attentive to quality standards, times and budgets.


Fundamentals/Must haves

  • Degree in Civil Engineering;
  • Previous experience on construction sites;
  • Fluent English.

Preferential/Nice to have

  • Drafting of technical specifications on the projects to be carried out.

Compensation Package

CCNL Construction, permanent contract


Our client is an important leader in its reference sector



Ref. SP99020


PRAXI SpA (Aut. MLPS 13/I/0003868/03.04) believes that diversity and inclusion are key elements for the success and sustainability of organizations. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment that promotes equality of opportunity and respects the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and opinions of our employees, partners and customers.

We are committed to ensuring that all stages of the recruitment and selection process are conducted in a fair and transparent manner, based solely on the skills, qualifications and experience of the applicants. Furthermore, we are committed to using neutral and inclusive language in our communications, in order to avoid any form of gender discrimination or prejudice.

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Key Points

JOB TITLE - Project Code

Organizational Project
Reports to the Technical Office Director

Team Management
Coordinates 2 resources

Work Mode

Project team

Consultant Alessandra Altieri manages this professional opportunity.
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