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HSE Manager - Health, Safety and Environment Manager - SP40207

The position reports to the Operations Management and operates in a multi-plant context in Italy.

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HSE Manager

Health, Safety and Environment Manager

The position reports to the Operations Management and operates in a multi-plant context in Italy.

Main responsibilities :

  • Organize and coordinate safety, prevention and environmental protection activities within the company in compliance with current legislation and accident risk assessment analyses.
  • Ensure the implementation of legal requirements regarding health and safety in the workplace, Legislative Decree 81/08;
  • verifies internal and external environmental conditions and supports managers during external inspections
  • Manage relationships with the competent authorities and certification bodies.
  • develop/update safety procedures for various company activities
  • Implement and update all the documentation necessary to fulfill legal obligations regarding Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Spread culture and awareness of safety issues within the group.
  • Inform and train employees by providing workers with information relating to safety in the company, with particular reference to the risks present, the prevention measures adopted, the procedures to be followed in the event of an accident and/or emergency, the dangers associated with use of certain materials or substances or the work activity to be undertaken
  • Ensure emergency and rescue services
  • take care of operating instruction manuals, warning signs and sheets for the correct use of machines and systems and . formulates intervention plans ensuring the application of defined and communicated accident prevention and fire prevention measures, collaborating with the various plant managers
  • Provide specialist support in the design phase of new buildings to comply with the above regulations
  • Collect documentation from factories relating to environmental protection and safety aspects
  • Maintain a report highlighting the comparison with the limits relating to accidents

Is required:

  • Diploma or degree preferably technical
  • previous experience in the same position
  • proven experience in RSPP duties for at least 6 months from 13 August 2003; certificate of attendance obtained from participation in training courses on safety at work to be updated every 5 years
  • flexibility, relationship skills, problem solving complete the profile

The ideal candidate is preferable to live near one of the provinces of the 3 factories that will follow: PAVIA, or BRESCIA or IMPERIA


The placement will take place in an environment characterized by founding values which see the valorization of people and the protection of the environment as the determining factors of progress and success.


Our client is an important Italian industrial group, which has been operating in the metal packaging / general line / packaging sector for more than 50 years. The group has grown in Europe through an important and continuous series of acquisitions and start-ups and today is made up of a pool of companies capable of offering innovative and quality solutions.


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