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BDM - nuovi mercati responsabili - Mobilità sostenibile - Idrogeno

Posizione centrale in un solido progetto di lancio sul mercato di tecnologie di mobilità verde basate sulle tecnologie a Idrogeno, all'interno di un gruppo consolidato e ampiamente riconosciuto da OEM dell'Automotive e non solo.

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Main activities

Reporting to the Management of the well established and globally known Division for engineering services and solution for power units, the role is asked to play a pivotal and central role on the business development stage of the new Hydrogen business. 

The Business Developer aims at generating business (from RFQs to single special projects), scouting different markets, Automotive (OEM, TIER1, TIER2) and no - Automotive (Public Trasportation companies, Fleet Management players,...) and fostering the already strong presence of the company in the relevant industry. 

The Hydrogen B.U., early birth but already addressed wiht strong technical competencies and relevant pilot-projects, wants to insert in the market by the means of a "partnership" approach with different players, by the means of a strong techincal standing and proposing engineering service for single or turn key solutions (original equipment, retrofit - repowering projects, ...).  

The position will primarily, but not exclusively, focus on the EMEA market. 


Must have

  • Technical background (education and/or professional experiences) in Automotive, Power Generation, Green Technology industries 
  • Sales orientation: able to plan a strategy (with the senior management), to draft action plans, to follow and get results. 
  • Flexible approach: able to relate with different type of client, big Automotive Player, niche green tech industries, Public Administration, Utilities. 
  • Economic sensing: able to anticipate and evaluate the ROI with a short and long view.  
  • Fluent in english. 

Nice to have

  • Background or technical competence in hydrogen business. 
  • Knowledge of tendering procedure for Public Companies, Utilities (energy, power generation), big OEMs. 


  • Support for the relocation in Turin 
  • Standard "working tools" (including company car) 
  • Outstanding technical training 
  • Direct relation with the Global Top Management 

Compensation Package

The role, hired by the Italian "S.p.A." of the Group, is the new in the company and a specific and vertical Compensation Package will be draft, consistent with both present ability and potential for the future career steps. 


The company is a dynamic international Group, EMEA Based, at the forefront of innovation in the Automotive industry. The Group and each of its companies are following a strong, ambituos and agreed development plan, that involves both sales and operations, with a strong innovations' pipeline.  

Thanks to his organic and inorganic growth, the Group is reinforcing both the already solid and the new-born business lines by the construction of a reliable managerial team, with a global reach, elegible to valorize the esplicit and implicit up-selling / cross-selling potential. 




Rif. SP20137


PRAXI SpA (Aut. MLPS 13/I/0003868/03.04) ritiene che la diversità e l'inclusione siano elementi chiave per il successo e la sostenibilità delle organizzazioni. Ci impegniamo a creare un ambiente di lavoro inclusivo che promuova le pari opportunità e rispetti la diversità di background, esperienze e opinioni dei nostri dipendenti, partner e clienti.
Ci impegniamo a garantire che tutte le fasi del processo di ricerca e selezione del personale siano condotte in modo equo e trasparente, basandosi solo sulle competenze, qualifiche ed esperienza dei candidati. Inoltre, ci impegniamo a utilizzare un linguaggio neutro e inclusivo nelle nostre comunicazioni per evitare qualsiasi forma di discriminazione o pregiudizio di genere.
PRAXI SpA garantisce i diritti previsti dalla normativa sulla privacy e precisa che i dati ricevuti verranno utilizzati esclusivamente per finalità di reclutamento e selezione del personale.

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Key Points

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BDM - nuovi mercati responsabili - SP20137

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Work Mode

Project team

Our HR Senior Consultant Luca Ciccotelli and Senior Researchers Lara Pareto and Alessia Peyrot are in charge of the search and selection process.
We will consider primarily the applications to this Link.
PRAXI, Via Mario Pagano, 69/A, 20145 Milano
Find LucaLara and Alessia on LinkedIn 

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