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Head of Procurement

Autonomously manage all purchasing activities, from defining purchasing strategy and processes to supplier relationships, following the growth of the company and the procurement Department.

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Main activities

  • Actively keep track of the worldwide market, paying special attention to raw materials like precious metals (Platinum and Iridium), along with significant cost influencers such as currency exchange rates
  • Build strong relationships with suppliers to optimize costs, deliveries, and risk management.
  • Lead sourcing for new products and oversee raw material strategy.
  • Encourage supplier innovation and integrate new solutions.
  • Manage supplier selection process and drive cost reduction efforts.
  • Evaluate payment strategies with finance to minimize cash impact.
  • Provide pricing support for project components and manage risk through accurate cost forecasting.


Must have

  • Background in Engineering or Economics
  • Demonstrated expertise in managing price volatility risks associated with precious metal, potentially gained from experience in a trading desk within a financial institution or procurement division of an industrial company.
  • Familiarity with engineering financial instruments for risk coverage
  • Proficiency in engaging with top-tier Brokerage and Trading firms specializing in commodities, capable of operating Over-the-Counter (OTC) and on global Commodity Stock Exchanges.
  • Profound understanding of standardized commodities contracts, regulations, and operational procedures.
  • Proficiency in English

Nice to have

  • Finance MBA or equivalent
  • Knowledge of Italian or other languages


UFI HYDROGEN, the NewCo of Ufi Filters dedicated to the research and development, implementation and industrialization of the MEAs (Membrane Electrode Assemblies) strategic component for both water electrolysers for the green hydrogen production and of the fuel cells for the green hydrogen utilization in the zero-emission mobility.



Rif. SP37371


PRAXI SpA (Aut. MLPS 13/I/0003868/03.04) ritiene che la diversità e l'inclusione siano elementi chiave per il successo e la sostenibilità delle organizzazioni. Ci impegniamo a creare un ambiente di lavoro inclusivo che promuove le pari opportunità e rispettiva la diversità di background, esperienze e opinioni dei nostri dipendenti, partner e clienti.
Ci impegniamo a garantire che tutte le fasi del processo di ricerca e selezione del personale siano condotte in modo equo e trasparente, basandosi solo sulle competenze, qualifiche ed esperienza dei candidati. Inoltre, ci impegniamo a utilizzare un linguaggio neutro e inclusivo nelle nostre comunicazioni per evitare qualsiasi forma di discriminazione o pregiudizio di genere.
PRAXI SpA garantisce i diritti previsti dalla normativa sulla privacy e precisa che i dati ricevuti verranno utilizzati esclusivamente per finalità di reclutamento e selezione del personale.

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Key Points

JOB TITLE - Project Code
Head of Procurement - SP37371

Organizational Project
He/She Reports to the Business Unit Managing Director

Team Management
No one

Work Mode

Project team

Consultant Federico Greco manage this professional opportunity.
Only applications received via this Link will be considered.
PRAXI, Corso Porta Nuova, 60, 37122 Verona
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